100 essential questions for dating couples

Every interaction you have can deepen it whether you agree with each other, disagree, or have no idea what is going on. To be able to do so is like opening a window and letting the fresh air in.

I am so excited about this topic that I am writing a whole book about it, “The Four Noble Truths of Love.” It is turning out to be the most powerful and intense thing I’ve ever written.

Before I so much as held his hand, I longed to touch my husband’s face.That it is impossible to predict inter-human chemistry only makes me trust it more. Everyone expects their love affairs to become relationships and their relationships to also be love affairs. In fact, according to my observation and experience, most serious relationships end, not because you don’t love each other anymore, but because someone isn’t ambitious enough or is too ambitious, one wants kids and the other one does not, or you just can’t imagine living your whole life with such a slob.Just because you love someone does not mean you will love your life together.Your reflections, questions, and feedback would be most useful. Here're some suggested questions you can ask someone you're trying to know better.

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