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Said advice does not apply if he forgets your birthday – in this case, you have full right to clock him in the balls and bounce. Birthdays are about moving , not backwards, so try to see it as an opportunity to meet somebody new! A couple of weeks before the wretched day, you attempt to recruit a faux boyfriend just to have somebody to invite to your birthday dinner and follow up with some birthday sex.The problem is, you usually start exuding desperation and fail miserably.

Nicki also went on to speak pretty highly of Nas, saying, “He's dope.

Remember a few months ago when Nicki Minaj and Nas were pictured together and made everyone on the internet go totally bonkers thinking the two rappers were dating?

Well, after a few months of laying low, the two have been spotted together again, this time celebrating Nas’s 44th birthday in a New York City restaurant.

(I was supposed to become an actress and receive my first Oscar by now.

Instead I write a blog about my flailing love life.) They are the times of realizing that you no longer give a damn about half of the things you used to be so concerned about (namely what other people think about you), they are also the time of acknowledging the family of asshole-like crows feet taking up permanent residence on your face, forcing you to consider allocating some of your shoe budget towards Sisley creams that equal the GDP of Zimbabwe (not exaggerating, check it out.) If you are birthday, I decided to round up the main romantic birthday dilemmas that most of us are all too familiar with. The Birthday CTA The dilemma: You’re casually dating a guy for a couple of months.

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