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Caring and loving:smiley: I love to meet up with friends at a cafe also love going to the beach,swimming.i love children and have 3 that are awesome have them 2 days a week.They are 10,12 and 15.i am looking for longterm relationship in view of marriage😜 I am living in Brazil at this time working in an organisation who works with people in a local community, I like to spend time with friends and getting to know people who are Brazilian christians, I am still learning portuguese and how I can be further used of God here in Brazil..Chances are, he or she will respect that you expressed yourself up front, rather than allowed things to get potentially messy.

My kids are everything to me, they'll staying with me (daddy's angels).

Christian dating is anything but boring, and it’s possible to date creatively without drugs, alcohol or too much physicality.

Dinner and a movie is always great, but you can do better than that!

When Christian online dating, use your profile to detail and share your own personal beliefs, and what you are hoping to find in a match.

This is your chance to really put it all out there!

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I am looking for that special someone as a soul mate. A friendship is a good start to any relationship and then getting to know each other Youthful looks and young at heart.

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