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I have genital herpes and me I wouldn't care toomuch since i'm protected against herpes more then the average person, but I wouldn't kiss them with an open sore because there is a high concentration of virus.

Don't be surprised though if you catch it in the long run since you have no immunity to any strain.

To the poster at hand , you can get herpes 1 and 2 on your geneitals from oral or mouth contact as both strains can be on both places, it's just more likely that you will not get herpes one on your genital but instead get it on your mouth.

The presence of sores or not does not really determine if you will get it as the virus starts coming out before you can really see the sores forming.

It is important that you discuss the things out before getting physically intimate.

Lysine rich food should form the prime part of your diet whereas food rich in arginine should be avoided.

The focus should be on eating fruits and vegetables and meat and dairy products are to be avoided so that things stay a little less painful.

When you are dating someone, you need to make him or her understand about these things and also make yourself understand that it will take time before things settle down.

Your partner might require time to update the knowledge related to this disease.

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