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Remember guys like to hunt why would texting be any different? Once he has initiated a text with you, now this is your cue to make the ‘first impression’ and in a way, truly set guidelines on how you expect to be treated for your new relationship with this person.

Things such as your response timing, how many words you use and your overall conversational pace when texting someone new can really play into your dynamic with them and can literally set the tone for the entire relationship.

Keep your texts short and sweet (under 160 characters) anything more you should pick up the phone and call them or meet them in person to speak.

Moreover, it’s best to keep texts short and sweet anyways because so much can be lost in translation when texting, so it’s always better to say anything that is not mundane, in person.

Lastly, if you texted him more than once in a row without a response then he’s just not that into you, and vice versa, if you don’t text him after he has texted you a couple of times or more, you are saying you’re just not that into him and setting a new pace in your dynamic.When he texts you first you always respond, unless you’re not into him anymore then feel free to ignore them J.We are all busy but we make time for the things that are important to us, so if this person is a priority you will find the time to answer their texts and vice versa- if he’s not responding to your texts, he’s just not that into you.Intimacy is something that should be left for in person relations, but when you have to do it over text, you do it sparingly and with someone you haven’t just met.If you get too intimate too soon this can quickly deteriorate a new relationship because it turns the dynamic into purely sexual rather than emotional.

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