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Are we looking to ridicule these people and feel better about ourselves? Are the 60-odd percent of Americans classified as overweight or obese just psyched to see people they can relate to for once? This culture has long been obsessed with weight, so it's a little ridiculous that Hollywood is only just noticing what news outlets and women's magazines have known for years: Fat sells.

As dehumanizing as the stereotypes that riddle the show may be, adding a token fat chick to "The Bachelor" or continuing to ignore us entirely would do nothing to rehabilitate the image of fat women as fundamentally interchangeable, lonely doughnut hounds.

I don’t remember an episode arc focused on Roseanne’s struggle to fit into skinny jeans or Dan’s tireless quest for a six-pack (unless it was, of course, an actual six-pack of beer).

I’m not sure whether Fat TV is helping or hurting the (mis)representation of various shapes and sizes in American entertainment.

And there is something to be said for the simple fact that Fox has put 20 different larger women on one show, in something other than a weight loss competition, and actually expects people to watch.

Sure, many of those women have personalities that are deeply unpleasant, highlighted by editing that is impossibly unflattering, but that's a function of the genre.

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With weight as the show's central focus, the editing plays to as many fat stereotypes as possible: In the first episode, which airs Tuesday night, we get women weeping about their dateless pasts, one unironic use of the phrase "big-boned," a debate on the merits of Spanx and, of course, umpteen conversations about food -- one of which includes the fatchelor flirtatiously declaring, "I like anything thick and juicy." (And cheesy, apparently.) The show's marketing and promotion campaigns claim a message of empowerment, but for the larger romantics among us, "More to Love" does little to dispel the myth that fat people's lives are built around dessert and desperation.

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