Inuyasha dating game

Kagome has become obsessed with playing dating sims.

She ironically becomes trapped inside a game, and must now choose a love interest.

I didn't return empty handed though, I've brought presents for the twins and Miyatsu." She smiled softly at the toddler in Mirokus arms, before wondering where another child had run off to."Hey where's Shippo?

I thought he'd be here with you." Kagome glanced around, unable to see or sense him anywhere."Out with Rin, the usual routine for him these days." Sango smiled and shook her head in amusement. "You'll find them both picking flowers near the village entrance if you wish, though they should be along soon.

Yet she hadn't been prepared for how much changed since leaving, and nothing had made that clearer to her than Inuyasha remaining exactly the same.

While a part of her had been glad to see him unchanged after three years, she couldn't ignore the fact that she was different from before.

Kagome stopped, feeling like the air itself had grown still, as if the forest was holding its breath.In order to win and return home, she has to successfully fill his 'love meter' to the maximum marker. Sess Kag~ The Otome Game ~Chapter 1 - The Main Character"Oh Sora, sometimes I think you're the only one who understands me." Kagome sighed dreamily as she propped her chin in her hand, gazing at the screen in front of her.The catch is, her choice will keep all of his memories from the game. The laptop was humming an up-beat tune as credits rolled in pink lettering, the final names slowing down until the screen turned blank.You know how Kaede doesn't like Rin to be idle for too long."Kagome left her yellow backpack and presents with them, keeping a smaller bag with her to give to Shippo.Inuyasha had instantly grabbed the ramen and took off with it.

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