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For a dare, I dared the teen girls to lip-synch to a Taylor Swift song of their choosing (A dare, FYI. One of them rolled her eyes and said she didn't like Taylor Swift — you could see the teen embarrassment of not wanting to like the thing that her peers liked — and offered to lip-synch instead to a parody of "Blank Space" by the You Tube star Shane Dawson. It was a nostalgic rush to watch these girls lip-synch along to a pop star from inside their bedrooms — an activity that I have done not infrequently myself.

Different teen girl: No, because I get some really weird texts from people on this thing.😬 Gulp.On its popular #sleepingsquad hashtag, I can see about 20 sleeping teens at any given time.(It usually seems around 50-plus people are broadcasting in the hashtag, but a lot of them are in complete darkness, so you can't actually see anything.One girl watching a sleeping teen boy with me gave a reasonable response: "He's my boyfriend." Others had elliptical reasoning: "I think it's more that the people doing it want to get likes and fans."Adi Sideman, the founder of You Now, told me his theory on #sleepingsquad: "It's the addiction to the internet, it's the addiction to social media, it's not wanting to leave it behind even when you're sleeping." Andy Weissman of Union Square Ventures, who is invested in the app, described it as "an online slumber party" in an email to Buzz Feed News."I also think part of the human condition is to look for connection with others.

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