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Instead of this site, check out Fuck Book Net , our favorite naughty dating site.

It is true when they said that patience is a virtue.

This site seems like it was made for guys who just can’t tell a good site from a bad one, and it doesn’t put much effort into trying to hide it. It’s obviously changed names a few times (you can still spot the old names in some of the writing and the terms & conditions), and it’s obvious why.

When sites like XXXBlack go under or get investigated for fraud, usually the same thing happens.

So before you ruin what could be a great relationship just because you don't know how to step on the brakes, here are some things that can help you slow yourself down.

I know that you are mesmerized by her beauty the moment that you laid your eyes on her.

We would get responses to our emails, but we’d get them all at once.

Nothing, nothing, nothing, and then BAM, right as the hour changed, we’d get seven or eight responses…almost like some women were coming on shift and banging out responses.

If it is set to expire, web search engines will not be allowed to index it prior to it expiring.

I know that it hit you like a lightning and that's when you said that you wanted to be with her for the rest of your life.

But before you jump into conclusions on what she is really like, get to know her.

We definitely don’t think you should use XXXBlack for naughty dating, or to meet any kind of woman.

This site is totally useless, unless you’re looking to meet Asian women who don’t want to meet you.

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They get accused of something like defrauding all of their customers, they plead guilty, they take down the site, and then they put it up again a minute later under a different name.

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