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We have observed this mode of communication, which originally was intended as a means for those who enjoy each other to carry on an online conversation, degenerate into a form of territoriality in which participants in different rooms form cliques and then try to act as if this is some sort of factionalism in the Church of Satan itself.

It is not; it is simply childish behavior on the part of members and even titled officials of our organization.

Instead, we suggest turning off the computer and taking time to boldly participate in the real world.

Visit a museum, hike in the woods, sail on a boat, meet a friend face-to-face, or read some great literature or works explicating important scientific information.

You can find many sex chat sites out there, but very few of them really offer free sex chat without asking for a credit card.

We suggest that you do not participate in any of them.When people were dissatisfied with a particular chat room, they were told to form a new one of their own, which would then be their own place in which to chat with their friends and colleagues.This pertained to any and all members, and was not a “special mandate” that in any way singled out a room as being “officially endorsed.” This statement was willfully distorted by some members.If they attempt to flaunt their titles as convincers, they are abusing that title.If any individual wants elucidation on the philosophy of the Church of Satan, they are encouraged to read this website, to purchase the books listed on the Source Sheet page, and, in cases where they really can’t find an answer to a question, to email our official online representative, Magistra Peggy Nadramia.

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People cannot seem to grasp that even those rooms formed by members or officials in the Church of Satan are their possessions, not “branches” of the Church of Satan.

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  1. Especially young males with a Turkish and Moroccan background seem to hold on to the values of the cultures they come from, and particularly Turkish immigrants seem keen on keeping the cohesion of their ethnic group intact by opposing interethnic dating, and by favoring parental influence on mate choice as a way to achieve this goal. 9(1), doi:10.5964/ijpr.v9i1.184 Received: 2015-01-11. In Western societies individuals are generally assumed to freely choose their marital partners.