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Adults of all ages, though, ought to delve into it because this rare gem isn’t handled with kid — or senior — gloves. While it can be heart-mangling at times, the sweetly uplifting film almost makes the idea of growing old alone seem not so terrifying.

— Kerr Lordygan, Associate TV Editor ‘s rough outline suggests the possibility of a mildly condescending culture-clash comedy.

In a story that takes place “somewhere” in war-torn Africa during a conflict that goes unnamed, Agu’s struggle to endure confronts us with a very specific emotional truth that is positively riveting– earning Attah the Marcello Mastroianni Award at the Venice Film Festival and the Breakthrough Performance Award from The National Board of Review.

First-time actor Abraham Attah is achingly poignant as Agu, a boy who loses his family to the violence of a rising war, and is then forced to join a captivating Commandant (Elba) and his battalion of child soldiers.

Based on a novel by Anne-Sophie Brasme, the film’s script feels persuasively genuine, initially as a straightforward coming-of-age story about a demure high schooler named Charlie (Joséphine Japy) who befriends a new classmate, wild child Sarah (Lou de Laâge), and learns to open up to new experiences.

But before long, Charlie discovers a secret Sarah’s been hiding, and that’s when the claws come out; their relationship begins to crumble, and what began as an earnest friendship quickly turns sinister.

While the characters ring true and the film is beautifully shot, the real treat here is the work done by relative newcomers Japy and de Laâge, who absolutely own the screen.

Not only is The year is 1952, and Eilis Lacey, a young Irish woman with few prospects in her small town home, emigrates to America.

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In between all the Jurassic worlds, impossible missions, hunger games, and other fast, furious blockbusters, 2015 saw the release of hundreds of smaller films that fluttered in and out of just a few theaters and attracted a mere fraction of the audience.

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