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With the camshaft and lifters installed, but before the timing chain is attached or the pushrods are installed, mark each lifter and lifter bore with a "Sharpie" or other marker.

On a complete engine assembly, it is often helpful to install the camshaft BEFORE the crankshaft; in many cases the cam would be the first major part to be installed by the assembler after "final cleaning" of the block (the cam bearings and block plugs are likely to be installed by the machine shop).MD is the black, tar-like extreme-pressure grease that is recommended by some camshaft manufacturers to be applied to the lifter crowns/cam lobes for initial flat tappet camshaft break-in. Failure to wash the cam and lifters with hot soapy water to remove the remainder of rust-preventative not removed with solvent.Caution: wash only the crown of the lifters: the very bottom of the lifter where it contacts the camshaft lobe.Before applying molybdenum disulphide, dry the cam and lifter crowns thoroughly with hot air from a hot air gun or hair dryer, to remove all traces of moisture.Do not use any abrasive materials such as Scotch-Brite pads or sandpaper of any kind to accomplish these solvent and soap cleaning operations. The camshaft is cleaned so that rust-preventative oils and greases can be completely removed.

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This list is not gospel, and if the manufacturer of the camshaft you're using recommends procedures that differ from what is shown here, use the manufacturer's recommendations instead. Failure to remove all rust-preventative from cam and lifters with solvent once you get them home.

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