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But they also operate a much worse enterprise, a dark secret that terrifies any children unfortunate enough to come within their grasp.Blocked by a menacing sheriff with ties to the family, Cam is shut down and sent away, no wiser about why the young woman was attacked and what she saw. not knowing that his presence on her web has been detected, and that the Creighs are hunting him with creatures bred for that purpose and starved into relentless fury.There's just as compelling stories in rural law enforcement as there is with the gritty urban ones...This the 2nd following "Cat Dancers" and, I think, better than the intro novel... Plenty of action, good characters, a realistic p Deutermann's Cam Richter character is right there with Joe Pickett, Walt Longmire & Quinn Colson...I’m sure there are some folks who live on mountains and down “hollers” will be dismayed at the portrayal of some of their own.Realistically there are bad folks in suburbs, cities and the country but if these country folk don’t scare the “bejabbers” out of you, then you are tougher than I am. Pretty violent and quite over the top, but still, I finished it in one sitting. I'm pretty sure things aren't quite the way the author describes them there, seeing as how I've been there.

I loved Deutermann's WWII books & launched into this series & put these right with those mentioned above...Set in the 'hollers' of the Appalachians, Deutermann's portrayal of mountain folk was spot on, both the good ones and the bad ones. Cam knows the misty hills and shadowed hollers of the park, and his outdoor skills might break a case that local cops can’t---or maybe don’t want to---solve.Cam has no idea how dangerous his search will become, because in this part of Appalachia, matriarch Grinny Creigh and her extended family destroy those who intrude into their web Summoned by a friend, ex-cop Cam Richter agrees to do a favor: investigate the assault of a young woman in a remote area of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.The underlying device driving the story is that the heroes have to get evidence.But they don't even do what a six-year-old would know to do, like bring a camera!!!!!!

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I have to feel that Deutermann is a dog person, he writes of Cam’s sidekicks with respect and love but also is able to be pragmatic about them.

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