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One of the most interesting elements of this Iranian capital markets conference was the presence of the Indian, Indonesian, German, British and Belgian institutions.

11/15/17 - In response to the rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the United States has long pursued a strategy of counterbalancing, extending its security umbrella to cover the kingdom and the GCC states.But in the midst of the death and destruction, baby girl Ava was born on the second day after the quake in Sarpol-e Zahab, the Iranian city that suffered the most during the quake.Ava was born at the army field hospital setup in Sarpol-e Zahab, and she and brought cheers and smiles to everyone present at the tent.These government housing complexes have been heavily damaged and angry users are asking questions about building safety standards.11/13/17Iran's Intelligence Ministry Killed Parastou Forouhar's Parents.

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11/15/17 - The value of the Iranian rial has again dropped in recent days, reaching a new record low for the national currency. The euro showed a similar trend reaching 48,900 rials, jumping more than 1,000 rials compared with the beginning of November.

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